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Monday, October 20, 2014

Quilt Show!

So last week I managed a quick trip to the local Value Village way out at the south end of the city. I was hoping to find some nice wool sweater (it was a grey rainy chilly day), but instead came away with this prize!! A lovely Limoges cake plate for $5, my bargain of the week :) Not quite the same as my mother's pattern, but close.
I've been pluggin away and have the blocks for 3 rows sewn on the baby Kalidescope. Hoping to get the remaining rows done today - maybe .... This one is going together rather nicely - so far.

Not to tease you any longer here are a few pics from my guild's quilt show this past weekend.

Now before anyone gets upset, I did not take a picture of every quilt, just ones that piqued my fancy . This is my blog and my personal opinion only, NOT a comment on your workmanship or creativity, OK?

Second, (and this is a CYA statement) I am hoping no one takes offense at my posting pics of their quilts. I've read on some other blogs where some bloggers have been vilified by their quilt colleagues for posting pics from their quilt show. Really? How silly, you put it on display in a public quilt show so what's the problem?

Anyway, I'm going to risk it as I see many of my colleagues posting pics on FB - so there!

Third,  because I was somewhat rushed (I had mother with me and she was waiting in the tearoom) I did not take a picture of the labels, so sorry,  no attributions:(.

I am hoping everyone enjoys this mini review of  our Road to  Friendship 2014 LFQG quilt show!

So much talent and so much variety ! I was very pleased to see so many large
quilts and so much colour! And even better, there were some with hand quilting ! GASP, yes, I said hand quilted!! The double wedding ring on the left was hand quilted by local Mennonite ladies. Two of my quilts were hand quilted (btw) and I do believe we  hand quilters should get special recognition now (blatantly biased opinion there). Not to put down all the marvelous machine quilters out there, but hand quilting is also a skill and one that is fast becoming a lost art :(.

Love this  pattern, especially in the Fall, one that is on my never ending "got to make" list. Geeze, that list just keeps getting longer and longer, lol! Also love this Ying/Yang (think that's what it's called) pattern on the right. I think this was a workshop last year. Unfortunately I don't get out to as many workshops as I would like, full time work does get in the way. Dragging my machine and all the other "stuff" you need for a workshop is such a hassle :(.

Speaking of fall , love the falling leaves here! I think I have this pattern tucked away somewhere, hmmmmmm.

Had enough yet? Want more ??

Always like stars, and I thought this
setting was very creative.  They definitely twinkle :)

Thought I'd show you a couple of our "modern quilts" - we're not all
old fogies, some of us keep up with the trends ! Isn't this elephant just the cutest ?

And, another leaf pattern, also very cute. I must have an affinity for leaves - or maybe it's just the season.

  Owls  are always cute, thought this was another very creative setting. Lucky baby and lucky new mother who receive this one.
Speaking of creativity I love it when you see someone create a beautiful quilt from no pattern/their own design! My "quilt buddy" is exceptionally good at this, and is also an colourist par excellent!

It was really hard to get a good pic of some of the really large quilts, 
but I couldn't resist with this one, who could? A pink Hexie quilt!! Gorgeous!

This star wall hanging was/is stunning. Black as a background
always works for me and obviously for this talented quilter!

And yet another bright star quilt! Nice colours, nice setting - great quilt !

and finally
Love this one, not a tough pattern, but great colours!!

Well done and a big KUDOS to all my quilting colleagues in LFQG. Hope you enjoyed this mini review of our Road to  Friendship 2014 quilt show.


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