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Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wasn't it a glorious holiday weekend? .... Wow. Started out with a nice drive in the country to a small local town with one of my quilting friends and a wander through an antique store. Nice store, got lost a couple of times (good sign) and to my amazement I "found" a framed temple rubbing from Thailand. So what you say? well, in my family it has been the topic of conversation for a couple of decades "what ever happened to those temple rubbings from Thailand we made?" Well I found one!!, I'm pretty sure it was one of ours, framed and everything, cheap too. Did I buy it back ? Noooooooo. Why you ask ? probably because I took a good look at it, guess the cultural significance is lost on me now so it's now just a "souvenir".
My sister and hubby normally cook the family Turkey, but they're in Barcelona right now. So, Grandma and I picked up "the boys" and we went out for Turkey! Boy, was that place packed!! Instead I'm baking up some Pumpkin bread for next week's tea breaks @ work. Yummmmm, house smells wonderful! Next is chicken soup of my lunches :).
Having 4 days off work sure makes a difference. Got my sewing machine back from Coolens (sewing machine wizard), cost a bit but it purrs like a kitten - yeah! Bad news is he thinks my walking foot is pretty much caput :( so guess I'm lucky that the walking foot for my Kenmore works on both machines. The local Husky store wants $150 for a new one! Yikes!! Once the chores were done I spent some time in the sewing room getting a new project started - another baby quilt.
That's an Eleanor Burns Kaleidoscope in a Day book in the background. I'll probably not follow her method for construction, but appreciate the specialty ruler I got from one of the guild ladies, and the helpful hints Eleanor has.
Spent several hours playing with possibilities. I had this lovely blue fabric with pretty little girl dresses on it. Over the last few 50% off sales I have manged to pick up various fabrics which will go well with this, including  a nice pink with small teddy bears, a check with different coloured stars, a white with ABCs in various colours and the perfect green (not a solid, but looks like it). Trouble is the green is dominating the "look" when I really wanted the blue to be the focus fabric. Hmmmmm, must play some more .....
Here it is all laid out on my design wall. The green still dominates, but not totally, and I've been told that "modern"mothers don't like pink or blue for babies now, so guess green is OK.  Still deciding on what to do in the corners ? Add the green or use the pink, what do you think? Now all I have to do is get it all sewn up and quilt it. Wish me luck, the baby is due late November/early December!
Next weekend is our Quilt show ...
So I spent some time putting on hanging sleeves and labels. Not too much from me for this show. Should be a great show, please come out if you can .... Oakridge Presbyterian Church, 970 Oxford St W, London, ON.


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