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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Camper :)

I'm a happy camper :) I just spent the last week searching and searching and searching for one blue earring. Valuable you ask? No, but an earring I wear all the time whenever I wear jeans - so Always! Today while emptying the pockets of my housecoat in prep for washing - woohooooooo - there it was! Really? I know I searched that pocket several times. Just go to show you - never give up :)
My "Christmas Cactus" is about to bloom has bloomed and I didn't even do anything special. I think it kinda likes a bit of neglect. Don't know why it's called "Christmas" catcus as it never blossoms at Christmas!
Finished up this small table runner. Got the fabric, backing and all at last year's Secret Santa Christmas potluck my Sewing group holds. Lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping to get 2 placemats made out of the other half of this fabric for a nice table setting for the Pater & his partner. The pressure is off this year as I've been included in the name draw - don't have to shop for 10 people ....  just 5, phew! I'm ahead of the game this year anyway as I started my Christmas sewing back in the summer. Maybe this year I can finally relax an enjoy the season :)
Last week's snow is quickly dissolving (yeah). Off to baby Claire's Christening this afternoon - pics to follow :)


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