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Sunday, November 16, 2014

November Prize :)

Well, it's finally happened :(. My lovely tree is losing its leaves :( and there were flurries this week! Luckily none of the white stuff stayed around to totally harsh my mood, but none-the-less:( :( . It's Sunday and I've been coping (not well) with computer/Windows/Security issues. It has taken me close to 2 hours to get/stay online, and I have finally, yes finally uninstalled that annoying security program from the bank which wants to save my personal info on an American server - Well no, that's NOT going to happen thank you very much!! Stay out of my business USA! They're probably snooping anyway, but we must try to maintain our privacy!
So I got a pleasant surprise at guild meeting last week - my Felines & Flutterbies won Honourable Mention - woohoo!! I'm happy to have my stitching recognized and appreciated :)
I will add this award to my portfolio of wins (yes, I have several now) and be happy to celebrate ! Considering it took me 10 years to finish this quilt I'm proud of this one :) !
I took the Kalidescope baby quilt, finished and bound for show-n-tell. Today I will use up some of the leftover wedges to make a label. Since the baby hasn't made her appearance yet it will have to just say "For Baby", but that's ok.
Yesterday a friend and I drove way across town to the Columbia store to pickup a new winter coat for the mater. She looked at the coats online and decided which one, which size, which colour etc. I had an "invite" to the store so was able to get the coat on "sale". Unfortunately, as I suspected, the coat is just a wee bit too tight, so it will be another drive back there next Saturday to make an exchange :(. On the way back from the store we decided to drop by the new Mary Maxim store - NOT open until Nov. 22!! Grrrrrr.
Once I got home I spent the afternoon making 2 Christmas themed placemats. Every year our guild donates placemats to Meals On Wheels, the idea being the placemats will go out with their holiday meal(s). I'm rather pleased with my contributions this year - I managed to use up some scraps from previous projects and come up with something which looks rather  nice (pic is of front and the back:)).
So, that was my week, how was your's??

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