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Sunday, November 09, 2014

November - blah :(

Well, it's November and my lovely tree is finally losing it's beautiful red leaves :(. I'll miss them, but I'm sad mainly because this is a harbinger of winter and snow :( :(, winter is NOT my favourite season.
Having a good weekend, how about you? Did the mother thing on Friday after work including dinner, so that left me free on Saturday. Fortuitous as it turns out as there was a Hell on Wheels marathon Saturday :)   oh yeah ....
Do ya think I may have something for the strong manly guys ? Well, let's see, Vikings, Hell on Wheels, Rome, Deadwood, yup! the trend in TV watching is becoming apparent ;) On the textile front I've been busy.
Got the baby Kalidescope sandwiched and decided to machine quilt - gasp **, yes I machine quilted something! I was so sure the mother to be wanted/liked green, so was enthusiastic about this baby quilt. Turns out the mother to be has decided on purple for her second baby ! Yikes! I didn't get anything done for the first kid and now I'm a colour behind! What's a girl to do??
Lost my place a couple of times, and in the end had to go back and sew a couple of spots. Used my Kenmore on this one as it has a working walking foot. Stitch in the Ditch was perfect for this baby (pardon the pun). This afternoon will be trimming and sewing on the binding - yeah, I may have something for show-n-tell at guild this week :)


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