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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Christening!

Happy Christening !
This is my niece Lisa, her DH Greg and sweet Claire :)
Claire was all dressed up in a lovely Princess dress and behaved herself for most of the ceremony. Her godparents are Christine Smith & her DH, Yes, that's right, Christine Smith, Lisa's BFF. For those who don't know, my sister (Claire's Grandma) was Christine Smith before marriage -  fun coincidence eh :). On the right is Claire and her uncle, my nephew,  Mark. It was a fun day. Many of Greg & Lisa's friends were there with their babies - most are around Claire's age! Greg's mother was there, her Great Aunt (me) , Great Grandma, Uncle Mark and Greg's father. It was a happy family day!
I have been busy - as usual. Last week I showed you the table runner I made with the fabric I received from my "secret sister" @ last year's Christmas potluck. Well here's a pic of the table runner and 2 of the four place mats I have now finished (sorry for the bad pic). I took the last 2 place mats to our sewing evening to finish up the binding. I mentioned  they were for my "Step Monster". I was looking forward to a nice social evening and feeling rather pleased with myself for making the effort for this woman. It's so very hard to find something for someone in their 90's, now suffering from Alzheimer's, but I hope this gift might please her. I was kinda expecting something positive and supportive from my sewing sisters .
I won't detail the negative reaction I received from my "sewing sisters". Must remember my motto:

After a full week's work while feeling less than stellar (I've been suffering from severe Sinusitis),  the 1 hour white knuckle drive there (usually a 20 min drive), all that negativity certainly blew the wind out of my sails !!
 But then, just as we were leaving our hostess for the evening gave me this little baggie with some Twinnings Irish Tea! My Tea! How sweet!  How thoughtful! Something kind and positive!

So, with my faith in the power of sisterhood somewhat restored, and to bolster my regained joy of life, I treated my self to a new Quilt book ....
 Wish me luck!! Tomorrow is December 1st - YIKES!

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