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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Quiet week

Well, it's been a quiet week, busy but quiet, at least at home. At work I got a new "tiny" computer with Windows 10. Of course I lost 2 programs I used every day because they are older and not compatible with Windows 10, and I was moved to Outlook as our new email program. Had to scramble to find new ways of doing the same old thing. Too many new things all in one day for this old brain :O !
The weather is still being schizoid, sunny to start but cold with snow squall warnings, supposed to get 5cm today - Boo Hissssssss, my Daffodils are budding! Just to top off last week we had a mega email confused conversation as to our condo tree walkabout .... which got re-scheduled for tomorrow, when the weather prognosticators predict 5+ cm of ice/snow !! Oh well, oatmeal cookies are made and the soup's on - so I should be good to go for next week :) Here's last week's POTC Lucy block
Yesterday  went to a flick (Lady in the Van) with the Pater then started working on my last prepped POTC block. Once this is done I will have 5 rows completed so think I will spend my "spare time" today prepping connector blocks. Time for a change!
This week's new word:
Glissando - a continuous slide  upward or downward between two notes.

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