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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Birds are back :)

So, last Sunday I was enjoying my usual morning in the sunshine and watching as first a couple of squirrels, a chipmunk, then a chickadee or two, ending with Mr and Mrs Cardinal all came to visit my bird bath. Even though it still has it's winter cover, the bowl has filled with snow melt/rain so the birds and wee animals all have something to drink. Last year was the first year I put the bird bath in the back yard, but I filled it with plants - lavender... Hmmmm, so I started thinking maybe this year I'll leave the bird bath free for the birds.
So later in the day I'm back in the kitchen making next week's lunches & prepping dinner when I hear from the walkway behind the Forsythias, a father tell his small child "It's a dead bird - leave it! Birds eat worms, cats eat birds, dogs eat cats, that's the way of it". Well, I was somewhat alarmed so took a good look behind the Forsythias and, yep, found one dead Mr. Cardinal!!! Oh No!! Did my sweet Simone (she who can not be touched) kill a beautiful bird? or do competing male Cardinals actually kill each other? Is Simone doomed to a life as a inside prisoner this summer ?
So I've been sad all week, upset that my lovely Cardinal family barely got started. But wait!! Today as I sat in my kitchen we had 3 Robins come take a bath in the bird bath, and a new Mr Cardinal with Mrs Cardinal come for a drink  - YEAH!!
I'm happy again :)
Word/Phrase for the week:
Melopoeia - when words are changed beyond their normal meaning with some musical property, inducing emotional correlations by sound and rhythm.
No sewing again this week - sorry. It was the Pater's 88th birthday this weekend so we took him out to dinner. Tomorrow is my sister's Bday, so another family dinner and another cake! I made a mess of the Angel Food Pineapple cake, so they're getting a Lemon cake!

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