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Sunday, April 10, 2016

So where is our Spring????

Boo hiss, we're getting MORE snow!! and ice pellets on top ! Give us a break. My poor Daffodils are all bent over, trying desperately to blossom, and the Forsythia are stuck between almost budding and full bloom. Really getting so tired of this winter that will never end :(.
Ok, enough ranting about the lousy weather. Here's last week's POTC Lucy block
Really love this one. This makes a full 5 rows, so I decided I need to start working on some of the connector blocks. Well, I could remember where I put the neutral for the elongated hexies, but do yo think I could find the alternate colour? Nooooo, then I found this great black and decided to go with it. I think it's going to work great, don't you? Here's a closeup
They surround the POTC blocks, 4 units per block, then you also make a secondary cornerstone block between the POTC blocks (see below), so I have A LOT of these to make!! I'll be alternating making more of these and making the final rows of Lucy Boston. This is going to take awhile!!!!
This week's word
Crucesignati - signed or marked with a cross.
TTFN, happy Spring - if it ever gets here ....

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