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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dare I say it?

Spring has sprung!! Yippee :) Overnight my forsythia bushes blossomed. Thank you Vince & Mark (B-I-L and nephew) for trimming these bushes last fall, they look lovely this spring :) I can't believe how big they have grown from the small bushes I planted just a decade ago. A decade ! WHAT ! Has it been that long since I bought this abode? OMG! Recently I was chatting with another, younger, staff member who I rarely get the chance to chat with. She asked me how long I have worked with the Libraries, 37+ years!!! Well that deserves another OMG! Never did I imagine so many years ago that I would work FT for most of my adult life. 'Bout time I seriously consider retirement. Oh how I wish !
 I was reading my favourite website (Arts & Letters Daily) this week and came across an excellent article on the rise of ISIS. The Anomaly of Barbarism from Lapham's Quarterly. If you are at all interested in world affairs and are curious go read this article. It explains a lot !
Word for the week ...
Cognoscenti - those who are considered especially well informed about a particular subject.
No sewing to show you this week, sorry

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