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Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Here's Claire about to eat the ears off her Easter Bunny from Great grandma ! Isn't she the cutest ?
I got two wee bunnies (one from me and one from Great Grandma) and placed them in these treat bags with a bit of pink excelsior. As you can see they were a big hit with Claire :).  Sunday was an absolutely perfect day, sunny and almost 20. Today .... wet snow/rain and blizzard like. Yikes - our weather is becoming schizoid! I made 2 cakes to celebrate the weekend, a Butter Pecan and a Confetti Pineapple Angel food cake. As you can see they too were a big hit! I have "orders" to make the Pineapple Angel food cake again ;).
It was another busy weekend for me. Dropped over to the Pater's on Friday to update his computer security, then had him over for dinner. We had ham and scalloped potatoes then tasted the Butter Pecan cake. Saturday was hair appointment & brunch with mother, then back to my place to make the second cake. My Cactus has decided to flower for easter but only on the one side - towards the window.
I've also been busy getting back to my POTC Lucy Boston blocks!!

Finished the beige one at our Sew What's gathering on Thursday. It was another lovely evening with the ladies and our hostess Cynthia. She's such a talented lady and we got to see some of her hooked rugs and her newest quilt where she did meandering machine quilting. I finished the blue/green one last night. Must say I LUV the plaid in this one.
The husband of one of our Sew What's ladies likes to frequent the thrift stores and frequently has the best of luck, finding quilts and quilt blocks. Well she had these 32 scrappy Dresden Plates and asked if anyone wanted them to make her an offer - so I made her a crazy offer of $5 !
Well, I'm not sure how it happened but I ended up taking these home for the $5! I think I got a bargoon and maybe I should offer her more next time I see her. In the mean time I'm enjoying their beauty, marveling at the potential and trying not to think about this additional UFO !!
Word phrase for this week:
Dolorism - an expression used to define a spirituality of resignation to pain and sorrow - doctrine of salvation

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