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Sunday, March 20, 2016


It's spring !! Woohoo!! It's sunny and it's Sunday :) :). Something about this time of year makes me obsess about cleaning/changing my decor. So, instead of cleaning (housework IS boring) yesterday I spent the afternoon  moving things around and rearranging decorative items. Today, although I'm pleased with my new home look, I'm noticing more of the "dirt" and wish I had spent the time cleaning. Ah well, next weekend is a 4 day weekend, Easter, so another big YAHOO :)
I've been browsing the Shabby Chic blogs recently and having some regrets about giving away a couple of my shabby pieces of furniture. Ah well, I am consoled with the thought that my basement room is cleaner and I have less "junk".  So I have a couple of salvaged shutters which occasionally I use in my decor, and decided to resurrect them and display some of my Shabby pieces. In the powder room I'm displaying my collection of framed Petite Point.
And in the living room I am displaying some of my vintage hand painted plates. I used S hooks to attach the plate hangers to the shutter.
The white bird cage and Blue & White Shelley tea set now grace the coffee table. No real big changes, but just enough to satisfy the Spring redecorating urge ;)
I spent the week working on my Easter gifts. I'm proud of this one and machine quilted it the same as the Christmas one I did a few years back. Sorry for the out-of-focus pic, those are not buttons in the centre of the "flowers" but fabric circles. Of course I had enough fabric left over to make some mug rugs.
This afternoon I'll be making a couple of wee gift bags for the Chocolate Easter bunnies I have to give away. Should be fun, Thanks Mibs for the pattern! Before I forget, I was Bad again last week and purchased more fabric for my Lucy Boston @ our Guild meeting. So I guess I'll have to get back to stitching POTC blocks next week!
Today's phrase of the week is
Pareidolia - a psychological phenomena involving a stimulus (imagined or real) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists.
Hope you're enjoying your sunny Sunday first day of spring.

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