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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Movie Time ?

Once again I did not go to the movie, sorry ladies but I'm just done in by the end of the week. Would love to have joined you. I sure hope my friends aren't offended and stop inviting me. It's just the end of winter blas/I'm soooo tired, nothing personal, but then again they're both retired ladies! Luckily today is warmer and sunny which always makes me feel rejuvenated :)
The local fabric store was having another of their famous 50% off one day sales, so I split from mother's early and dropped in to shop. Guess who else I saw there ..... a coupe of our Sew What's ladies ! Here's my next project which I hope to complete before Easter,  "in my spare time".
Lots of greys, yellows and purple/pink. Hoping this looks as good done as it does in my head!
And of course I managed one more POTC Lucy block
So here's this week's phrase, this one I found rather interesting

 Nature Faking - purposefully fabricating details about the material world - those who depict the natural world with excessive sentiment

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