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Monday, February 29, 2016

Did you watch the Oscars?

Did you? Not me I have to admit .... It's not that I'm no longer interested in movies, I am. It's just that I haven't managed to see most of the award nominees this year. I don't get to the movies as much as I would like ... don't have that much "spare time" anymore. A quilting friend keeps asking me to drop over "in my spare time" for a visit. I'd love to - but who has spare time????
This was my weekend to work so of course the weather on Sunday was + 14!!!! Are you kidding ? I'm stuck inside and the weather outside is balmy - WTF?? At least it wasn't sunny. Today is supposed to be rainy/flurries and we are expecting another winter "storm" for tomorrow. I don't do well with lots of wet heavy snow, so here's hoping the weather forecasters are wrong again ;).
I popped over to the Pater's on Friday as I hadn't seen him in awhile. He commented that's he's feeling lonely and that I don't visit often enough. Yes, I know - it's that lack of "spare time" again. Then, because my sister was sick (it was her weekend for mater duty), I did a quick grocery run over to mother's where she commented about visiting as well. Grrrrrr, I'm dancing as fast as I can people! In between end of month banking/groceries/laundry/housekeeping for myself, working and parental visits I did manage to complete one more POTC Lucy Boston block. Here it is
I'm very pleased with this one as it took forever to find any fabrics to match up. Luckily I have several blocks prepped so I'm good to go for a while yet. A few guild ladies have commented on my Lucy Boston progress so I thought I'd share what's on my design wall so far ...
They're in the order of when they were done, and that order will probably change in the final quilt. I haven't decided how many blocks per row, how many rows or even what fabric/colours I'll use as my "filler" blocks. Hmmmm, after this row maybe I should stop and take some time to make some decisions. Better yet, maybe I should start working on those filler blocks so I don't have them all at the end!! What do you think?
Word/phrase for this week ..
Deja lu - experience of having a conversation with someone about something from reading about them on the internet. Ever have that happen to you?

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