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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Vacation is over - Wahhhhh

Really? How does it happen - you wait soooo long for some time off work, then poof - it's over. :(
Ah well, the house is clean, I'm well rested, have had lots of family time and lots of time with my friends so I'm not complaining. I spent 4 days, yes, you read that right - 4 days cleaning and re-organizing my sewing room! Below is a pic of two sofa cushions I finally got made! I used some of the bolt of fabric I have left over from recovering the East Lake chairs. I took apart the 2 extra cushions from the basement loveseat and used them as the pattern and stuffing. Not perfect, but they'll certainly do!
Since cleaning I have spent 3 afternoons in my sewing room going through all my patterns and mags hoping for inspiration. For some reason I've lost my quilting mojo and am just not enthusiastic about any new project!

So instead I watched reruns of Vikings (new season starts Feb. 19th - YEAH), Sherlock (the BBC one with Benedict Cumberbatch - oh yeah. If you haven't yet seen it do!), and Rehab Addict, I like what she does with houses!

Of course, tonight is the return of Downton Abbey - Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah!! 2015 is going to be a good year :)

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regan said...

Those cushions look great! So does the table topper and your new china piece! Happy New Year!