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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ah, Christmas break :)

Well, Christmas is over for another year! 3 potluck dinners, 3 Christmas parties, 3 fancy cakes, 2 family gatherings over - phew! The stars of our show, Claire and parents Lisa & Greg, were there.
It seems to be tradition to wear red, here's the pater and his partner looking lovely in their Christmas red sweaters. Our family celebrates Christmas twice, once with the pater, usually the weekend before, and once again on Christmas day with the mater.

Even Claire was dressed in red. She was only semi interested in the Amish puzzle ball I made her. Her attention was all on the presents from Great Grandma! They were an immediate and definitely hit, go Great Grandma!
The table runners and table toppers I spent the Fall making were also a hit, here's the mater's on her coffee table - looking good! I have to admit I'm jealous .... I didn't get one :(
But I did manage to visit our local antique shop, another yearly tradition for me, and once again found a piece of my china (not that I need any) - my present to myself!
I have been enjoying my time off work, especially the sleeping in bit.  I made the mistake of tearing apart my sewing room - you know -  cleaning. Day 4 and it's still not completed, but will be by the end of today! Never mind, I will have a CLEAN and organized sewing room soon, and in the process will have rediscovered many items and forgotten UFOs. Maybe one of them will inspire me to complete it in 2015! Let's hope so.

So, how were your holidays??
Ho Ho ho

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