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Sunday, December 14, 2014


I was inspired this year by a quilt friend's FB post of her veranda Xmas decorations. Then I remembered this twig tree I rescued one year lights and all!  It has lost most of the twigs at the top, but that's easily camouflaged with nice big red Bows. Unfortunately I don't have an electrical outlet at the front, so it won't be lit up, but it's decorated :) I'm thinking it may need a few more Xmas balls, I may be able to find one or two more ...
The mater and I did the Swiss Chalet dinner on Friday and squeezed in a wee bit of shopping @ the Toys R Us across the street afterwards. Claire will have some nice gifts on the 25th from her great grandma! That left Saturday free so I got started on my housework and was inspired to start decorating for the holiday season. Here's this year's tree
No sewing to report. Saturday was the second of three potluck dinners, I took Lasagna, it was good. Read a good quote last week:
 "If you don’t begin to be a revolutionist at the age of 20
then at 50 you will be an impossible old fossil.’
by Bernard Shaw
One more to go and one more week of work, then I can sleep in and relax a bit. Looking forward to it :)

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