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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Where Does Your cat sleep?

Iris, seen above, likes to sleep with me. That's ok by me, but she likes to sleep in the middle of the bed! That means poor momma has to sleep around her, awkward most nights...... You know what I mean, cats rule, don't they? Simone on the other hand has been a mystery as to where she sleeps. I caught her in one of the designated cat beds, once, and I've never seen her use it since!
 So, last night I was stunned to find both Iris AND Simone sleeping soundly on MY BED! Not snuggled up close together mind you, but ON THE SAME BED in the SAME ROOM! Simone is making progress, breaking down Iris's curmudgeonly demeanor! You go girl!

The last of this year's potluck's is over. I am exhausted, phew! It was a great success and kudos go out to JP for all her hard work entertaining our Sew What's group :). Sorry, no pics, I forgot my camera :(. Secret Santa was kind to me again this year, this year I received a mini Christmas quilt top and backing - or a door hanging if you prefer. Many of us received projects to work on in 2015, so we have a group challenge to finish our Secret Santa projects by our next potluck. Should be doable!
Thank you Secret Santa!
So, it's cake #2 today. I made my Chocolate peppermint swirl cake for the ladies. Today's cake is a white peppermint swirl cake for the family dinner with the pater an his partner.
Now, wish me luck getting the cake, the cole slaw, the ice cream and the presents over to my sister's place without incident ....

Fa la la la la, la la la la :)

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