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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hexie Love :)

 It's hexie love - totally!! Here are the two mug rugs I made last week, front and back. I don't use a pattern, just whatever piece of matching fabric I can find in my stash, hence the different sizes. Not to worry, they both still work as mug rugs!
I spent the rest of the week cutting up more paper hexies, studying my two hexie books, and making up a whole wack of red hexies. Here they are all laid out, going to be a mini Valentine's Day heart hanging for my bulletin board at work. Hmmm. now my scrap squares box is missing several reds - oh no! So guess what I'll be sewing next week !
I'm totally hooked - OMG! Must remember I have several UFOs still to finish before I get too involved in another massive project. Right now I'm tempted to make both a Lucy Boston AND a Grandmother's Garden, or maybe a Giant Monstrosity quilt. What's a girl to do, sew many fun projects, so little time ...
I've had some overnight visitors. I think it's rabbits, based on the scat they've left behind. In January I try to leave out some goodies, especially if it's been real cold. Lately I've been leaving out some apples which had gone soft. Apparently the local wildlife like apples!

That's all for my week, Downton Abbey tonight !!

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