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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy Canada Day !

Oh yeah. Thanks to my union I only had to take one vacation day to get a four day weekend.  See? Unions are good for something :). Next year I get two union days - oh boy oh boy!! Sat was spent helping the mater, Sunday spent house cleaning and walking the neighbourhood shouting out for a lost kitty ....
At least I can say I got some exercise this weekend ;) I was sure Simone was in the house before I went to bed Sat, but nooooo. She insists on going outside, even on super hot days, then freaks if I close the sliding door. Since it has been very hot and humid this long weekend of course I had the door closed, who wants to AC the outside! So, poor Simone (she who will not be touched) spent the night and all the next day outside!! Poor baby! Boy, did she tell me off when she finally came back home ! Monday was another run around town doing other chores, so that leaves today to relax! Woohoo ! How are you spending Canada Day ?



lynn danby said...

I love your Canadian Wallhanging. Is it a pattern or something you made up?

Poor Kitty. She is beautiful.

Idle hands, empty brain ... said...

Thanks Lynn, This was a kit from Quilter's on The Square in Goderich. I added the Mountie and tree silhouettes - it was done for a President's Challenge for the guild some years ago.