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Sunday, July 13, 2014

What a Night!

So, around 1:30 am last night the driver of this car came roaring into the complex, screeching tires and driving over curbs and grass. At one point the car drove up and smashed into the front step of a specific condo unit then he jumped out of the car and ran into the condo. Well, as you can imagine all this ruckus woke me up and what followed was a fitful non sleeping night. Imagine my surprise to see the car still here this morning! Since it has no license plates there's no way to report the maniac, and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to confront the idiot, irregardless of all my BIG talk @ last week's sewing group.
Speaking of my ladies group,  we were once again subjected to one member's idea of humour. Well dear readers, you all know that I have ranted before about those people who still think it is OK to "tease" others about their body shape/size, especially if the person is thin/small. And, you all know - or should know by now that it is NOT OK. May be some people are still stuck in the 50's when that kind of  behaviour was acceptable. As usual I disregarded the person's cruel remarks but it did provoked me into some regrettable BIG TALK, bragging about how I treat soliciting @ the front door, etc. . Honest, I'm not as big a bitch as I sometimes portray myself.  Must remember to
I have been busy this last 2 weekends - I have spent them cutting fabrics for my Judy Neimeyer WildFlowers wall hanging. I also got busy and bought some card stock, did some printing which of course meant I have been doing some scissor work cutting out hexagons. Getting ready, or at least getting started for my Lucy Boston project. I am not going the InkLingo route as I want a long term hand project. I'm also doing some hand quilting - and am surprised at my progress, I'm already in the 3rd border - horrah. I've include a pic so you can see how I quilt without marking, I use masking tape.
TG for summer evenings, I've finished 2 books, Birth Certificate The Story of Danilo Kis. Somewhat hard going as it turned out to be as much literary criticism as biography, and it's been a lonnng time since I read Kis. The other book I just finished was the One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared - a Forest Gump meets a Swedish mystery, a real good laugh!! That's all for me ... coasting till vacation time, just a couple more weeks!

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