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Sunday, June 01, 2014


Last weekend was my B-I-L's 65th Bday so the family gathered to celebrate. He BBQ'd hamburgers and sausages and I supplied the cake and ice cream - chocolate this time :) Of course wee Claire, my great niece, was there ...

Here she is lying on the rocking horse quilt I made years ago for her mother, Lisa my niece. Can you tell it was the 80's ? For some reason I tied the quilt instead of actually quilting it. My sister must have liked it though - she kept it all these years!

The bear on the right side of Claire was a new present from great grandma :). Next weekend is her 87th b-day so we will be celebrating again with cake & ice cream!
I finally, yes finally got a new car trash bag made. It was a struggle as my Husqvarna's tension is all screwed up - darn last week's machine quilting foray ...  That machine just doesn't want to be "played" with so  I'll be working on getting it back to "normal" for I don't know how long .... grrr. I put 2 rows of curtain wire in the top to stiffen it, why ? I don't know!

It's been a perfect weekend - yeah. Here's a view of my front lower garden. The green fencing is already in place to hold up the huge white Hydrangea blossoms which will come later in the summer. They hide the A/C unit quite effectively :) The purple Spiderwort and yellow Day Lily  have yet to flower, but are growing tall, and my Wiegela has been trimmed twice already!
In the mean time here's a shot of my Lily of the Valley. Some people hate putting them in their garden as they spread fast and far, which is exactly why I planted it! They are filling in nicely :)
In the back my dwarf Lilac is in bloom and crowding out my Peonies. Ah well, at least they both survived last winter. I'm kinda worried about my Hibiscus which is growing leaves only at the bottom and so far all the branches are looking kinda dead - oh noooooo.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead ...


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