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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Well, it's another gloriously sunny Sunday - YEAH. Last week was the mater's 87th b-day.
Here she is with her grand daughter Lisa, the new mother, and Claire her great grand daughter :) We had angel food cake and ice cream in the afternoon and enjoyed getting together. Afterwards the mater and I cashed in a Xmas gift certificate and went out for a nice dinner in a  fancy restaurant.  So we don't forget this is father's day here's a pic of the happy family
That's Greg, Lisa' DH and the newest father in our family :) . This afternoon I am taking the pater and his partner out to see the movie Belle - should be a nice afternoon. Speaking of afternoons, I spent a couple of hours yesterday pulling suitable fabrics from my stash for my next project. - a pattern I clipped from a magazine many years ago - Wild Flowers by Judy Niemeyer. Should be interesting/challenging as it involves paper piecing (wish me luck!) as well as applique! You know it's amazing, I have this absolutely huge wicker basket filled with batiks in my stash, yet this is all I came up with!
Not nearly enough, especially for the main fabrics, the light backgrounds and the dark borders. Guess I'll have to go shopping ;)

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