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Sunday, May 25, 2014

What I live for ....

A week off !!!! Woohoo ! of course the fabulous weather started today, Sunday, the last day off - grrrrr. None-the-less I had a fabulous week off :) Why you ask? well, I went to a great Quilt show with a friend (in her new SUV) - the Quilts of Great Britain. Thanks Cynthia it was a great day!
Here's a peak of what we saw
 My current obsession - Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses.
I still like the Celtic look and someday ..... will do another quilt with this technique!

I also love the William and Morris look and have started to collect some of these fabrics. Who knows .... maybe

Sorry - the pic is not so good, I just loved the horse quilted
into this one about Sutton Hoo.
Of course it appeals to me with my current obsession for
anything Viking!
Aren't the colours in this one just absolutely gorgeous!!

Another one that speaks to me - for some reason I love red berries on an icy blue background. Even though it evokes memories of winter, I still like it!
And this one was too cute with it's cat theme!

I also just loved this one ... She used old linens for the tablecloth - not just one but layered linens on each other (hope you can see that in the pic). I also love the fact that the tablecloth drops down below the "quilt" !
What else did I manage to accomplish on my week off? Well, I did some housework, and some gardening, and read a good book - Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne. I saw the movie several years ago with Maggie Smith and cried my eyes out. The book also made me cry, sniff sniff. I also accomplished some sewing ... got this new mug rug completed for the mater for her Bday in June. 
My favourite quilt store, Cornerstone Quilts and More, (shameless plug) had the perfect green rick rack - woohoo! She also ordered the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses book for me. I know - I could order it online myself, but I believe in supporting my local Bricks & mortar shop and ordering through her! I have almost completed a new door hanging for the mater as well - here's a pic while still at the machine being quilted. This was the first time I used that plastic ring driver thingee (anyone know what it's called?) Anyway, I wanted to outline quilt the Dresden fan blades and this seemed to really help me keep reasonably even distances from the previous rounds .... Here's a pic of it all quilted, not yet bound!
 Time to get baking - Bday celebration today for the B-I-L and I'm bringing the cake (Chocolate!) then lunches to make in prep for my return to work :(.



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