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Sunday, May 11, 2014

How's your Sunday going ?

How's your Sunday ? I know, it's Mother's day, but being an independent woman (aka not married) and not a mother it's one more day in the calendar when the world excludes me from it's celebrations :( . I spent yesterday with my mother, treating her to brunch and a lovely Zinnia plant for her balcony. I've had a pretty good, that is exhausting day today, so far :). My b-i-l and nephew came over and did some work in my garden and put my patio together for me to enjoy next week while I'm on VACATION - oh yeah ..... So, we went from this broken down dried up garden
with rotten mini tie holding my mini garden,  to this
2 new mini ties - check, a whole lot of new red cedar chips- check, black soil tossed about so I can, once again this year, sow some grass seed - check, patio furniture set up - check, A/C unit setup & ready for the upcoming heat - check, winter stuff put away - check. YEAH  - I'm ready for some serious sitting on the patio reading a book time :) THANKS GUYS !
So, since I am being stingy with myself and not splashing out for this year's end-of-year Quilt guild banquet, last week was my last chance for show-n-tell. I managed to get the beastie done, and here's the finished pic I promised ... all bound and ready for  ????
She's not big but she's done. Her reception was pretty good as they all shouted out "Quilt Show", which I gather means they want Felines and Flutterbies exhibited at our guild show in the Fall.  Sounds good to me. Now, what to start next, hmmmmmmm ? Mother once again has asked for a new hanging for her door. I have one in mind .... stay tuned :)

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