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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Winter Projects

Shhh! Don't say anything. When this project is done it will be a birthday gift to mother for her Kitchen. I've had this pattern kicking around for quite a while and finally getting a chance to work on it! - Yeah! A bit of patchwork, a bit of applique and even a bit of embroidery. The pattern calls for the lettering to be done in satin stitch, but I might just do it by hand. I'm hoping to machine quilt it now that I've completed a course on machine quilting. Anyway, her B-day isn't til June so I've got lots of time...
So, January is over and I realized I hadn't begun the "laying out the quilts" for this year. So, while rooting around in my linen closet I discovered one more quilt I hadn't inventoried last year! This one was made by my maternal grandmother Lilian Grace Boyter and her mother-in-law Mary-Jane Boyter, we think it was made sometime in the early 1950s and was definitely made from men's wear wool samples. My mother's brother worked in a fine men's wear store for his first job and brought home all the sample squares of wool intended for men's suits. So, being enterprising women Grandma and Great Grandma made a quilt! In my memory this was always in the trunk of father's car and was know as the car quilt. It's backed in light grey cotton and nicely hand quilted in the Baptist fan pattern. Poor thing has had a hard life, it was used to wrap whatever cargo father had in his trunk and likely never washed much. None-the-less this utility quilt is part of family history and loved for what it represents.
I was given a new crock pot over the holidays so decided this week to attempt to make soup. Now, I readily admit to not being domestic .... at all .... so attempt #1 was an inevitable disaster. Don't ask, I know you're wondering how on earth someone can screw up making soup ... suffice it to say, I now know at least two important things when making soup and will employ these lessons in attempt #2. 
Wish me luck!!!!

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