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Sunday, February 14, 2010


 Argh! I've come down with some sort of respiratory something ... So am well into Cold FX therapy .... here's hoping it stays off the worst of it. So .... last weekend while I was still feeling human I went out to the local quilt Fabric shop were I had a gift certificate (thank you to sister and b-i-l). With no particular project in mind .... I indulged in a half meter each of 10 of Robyn Pandolph's Canadian Cottage Challenge fabrics. Who knows if I'll get a project completed in time for the competition, but I fell in love with the fabric (my kinda colours - all in those country cabbage rose style - and with a Canadian theme to boot!) I also scored  a interesting thread container ... to match the green vintage styled wicker and wood sewing box I won at their store as a door prize. Woohoo!
So, here's a picture of the squares I was preparing for my next project - remember the last post ? Well, I decided the instructions were stupid (some patterns take the long road ) and I wasn't going to cut 108 1 1/2" squares in three different shades of blue ... instead I would cut 1 1/2" strips of three shades of blue in assorted fabrics and sew the strips together then cut into 1 1/2" strips. OK, this is good patchwork technique and would have worked just fine .... except ... being a visual personI then followed the pattern's picture instead of reading the instuctions .... see mess on the left! my patches did not match up in the corners and I was really po'd. 
So, the remainder of the week was spent unsewing those borders ..... I spent Saturday afternoon repairing the damage caused by pattern writers who don't pay attention to the accuracy of their visuals - tres important for all us visual people!!!! Needless to say, my borders are now closer to perfection and I am happier. LESSON learned? There are still sewing/quilting pattern writers who think the world remains controlled by text dominated patterns and are not yet politically sensitive enough to those who are visually dominated. HELLO-  wake up pattern writers!

Ah well, the world's not perfect - yet - but maybe someday (HA Ha ha). Below is the finally version with their respective interfacing overlay. I use the overlay to help me with the placement of the applique pieces - a wee trick I learned from one of my many quilting friends!

Wish me luck!

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