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Sunday, February 21, 2010


ACHOO! I've got a bad one .... boohoo for me. I'm down but not out for the count! Took two days off work, then felt guilty and bored so made the mistake of going in on Friday. Got to hear Debbie Travis speak at this year's Staff and Leaders Conference. Very entertaining, and yes worthwhile even for a sickie!                                                              Went to an antique show a couple of weeks ago with a friend at a local shopping mall. There was a booth with vintage jewellery, hats and gloves and stuff and I half jokingly asked her if she also bought stuff. She didn't have a card but wrote her contact info down for me, then came after me to say she also made housecalls. Hmmmmm, got me thinking this might be an opportunity to rid myself of some of my "collections". So, not being one who can sit still for too long .... yesterday I went through my vintage linens, corde purses, gloves, hats etc. The linens mainly consist of vintage cotton/linen hand towels, doilies and hankies. The corde purses, about 35, were from a collection I out together locally and displayed in my last apt. The gloves, also about 35, I got by chance at a local auction. They were contained in a "quilt block" bag and I thought I was bidding on a bag of quilt blocks. To my surprise it was full of green and yellow and pink and white and black gloves from the 50s and 60s! There even was a lovely pink pamphlet describing glove etiquette!
I guess I have the spring cleaning bug a bit early ... last weekend I went through my closets and pulled out 2 bags of old clothes I think need to be retired. That's all for now from this sickie. Hope you're keeping well?

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have joined your ranks. It has been MANY years since I've had a cold and now I know why I try to cut them off at the pass. Mine's been dragging on since last Thursday, but I hope I'm finally on the mend.... and it's now time for the daily nap!!

Hope you're feeling better soon.