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Friday, January 29, 2010

A voice of One's Own

So I've been blogging for about 2-3 years now and finally feel that I may - perhaps - may have found a voice of my own. One that expresses my personal opinions and life observations without appearing to simply be rants or misguided comments. Personal observations of the minutiae in my life, are just that, personal, perhaps to be shared, perhaps not. My comments are not opportunities for others to offer unsolicited advice or admonitory censorial remarks. But some people just can't help themselves, and that's part of life also. Luckily I moderate all comments (ha ha). Those are the people I now choose to avoid, if possible. Avoid, because life is too short to get all wound up and anyways, girls just wanna have fun - right? especially this girl!
I acknowledge that perhaps I see life differently than the "norm" - for a woman of my age. I have a wry sense of humor and some people misinterpret my humour as anger. Not so, but hey - that's you not me. Occasionally I wonder if I should change how I present myself to the world and then decide the effort is just too great.  I'm not willing to pretend to be someone I'm not . We've all met the fakes - you know them, the just smile optimist/extroverts (they who think they rule the world ...). The ones who never seem to notice or comment on the absurdities of this life. I sometimes think their rose coloured perspective makes them miss most of the more interesting moments. Who knows, perhaps that's what they're after.
What brought all this on you might ask? Well, I've been reading this book by Kenneth Sherman titled What the Furies Bring. It's a collection of essays on his musings on the post 911 world, Judaism, poetry, other religions, terrorism, the works of Anne Frank,  Primo Levi, Franz Kafka and Varlam Shalamov, to name a few. Challenging but interesting and I'm pleased to acknowledge that I have actually read of most (not all) the authors he discusses. I also just finished the book Money from Hitler, by Radka Denemarkova, recently translated into English from Czeck, another find from the new books shelf (remember I work in a library ...) And also Findings : the material culture of needlework and sewing by Mary Beaudry. This latter one I was tipped off about from one of my many blog surfs. I can't remember who's blog, sorry can not ascribe attribution for this wonderful read. None-the-less, thank you!  I highly recommend this work for anyone interested in archaeology and the history of sewing implements . Boring you say - no no no, au contraire! I suppose we all know there are sewing needles and embroidery needles and darners and straw needles, but did you know there are minikins, and short whites, and middlings and poppets and corkins, and even mourning pins!!! Not so boring now eh .....
Nothing much to report on the craft side, still stitching along on my cross stitch. Perhaps the reading and cold weather have decreased my productivity, I don't know and don't much care. Anyway, that's all for now folks ....

"If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people".   and
"The beauty of the world...has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder." Virginia Woolf

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