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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Seasons Greetings

It's December finally and all the fun begins! I've been sewing my head off and hopefully it will all pay off and people will enjoy their gifts. Just when I think I'm finished I find another project ... when mother moved from her condo last year she downsized and I inevitably received anything fabric related. So, many many years ago she purchased these machine made lace panels and red broadcloth with the intention of making placemats.  Yes, you guessed it .... I found them and feeling somewhat guilty that I have not completed her project (what? why am I feeling guilty?) started by hand sewing the lace panel onto the red square behind. There are a dozen of them - so stay tuned ....

We have a transit strike here in home town. So I have been providing rides to a young man in my complex, and rides home/errand trips to a co-worker, both of whom are dependent on the bus. So last night my co-worker gave me some "extra Xmas fabric" as a thank you. Looks like approximately 2 meters! so there's another project to complete. What shall I make, what shall I make?
Did I tell you I solved the porch light problem? I finally took a really good look at the original, shorter photosensor thingee and lo and behold I didn't have it completely open! So, I returned it to it's home in my front porch light, inserted the 150 watt light bulb and now I'm no longer in twilight when I come home! WooHoo! See, told you I would solve all the problems of my world!

Now, if only I could get myself in gear and out of my housecoat! But it is Sat am, PBS is on another fund drive so my quilting shows aren't on, and Vinyl Cafe is on CBC!

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Great minds think alike........................................