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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Doom, I'm doomed!

I am totally doomed! This past year TVO, our local public broadcasting network has run the Charles Dickens Little Dorrit series. I have NEVER been able to catch the whole thing in it's entirety from beginning to end. I am fated to always come in somewhere in the middle. Yes, they have rerun the series several times, so I have been able to catch the beginning episodes, but that is simply not the same as seeing it from beginning to end! I'm doomed to never see it whole! So this year they ran the first three episodes Christmas eve and the remainder on Christmas evening. I missed the episodes on the 24th! I guess that's fate and I should accept it and move on, but really BBC productions are soooo good, and Charles Dickens is a classic! What's a girl to do? Empire of the Word is the other TVO series I've been watching, and since I also missed several episodes of this one I plan to catch up online!

Like my newest Christmas decoration? I couldn't resist as I got the glass bowl at half price, the pine cones for free, the ornaments from the dollar store and the I already had the ribbon! Once the season is over I plan on filling it with the dried hydrangea blossoms from my garden so I can enjoy them until the spring! Enough about Christmas. Onwards to a new year. I have lots of NY resolutions to make, and lots of quilty things too!

This year's tablescape

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