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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sis Bom Bah

I  am so proud of myself ... whenever I best technology is always a banner day (pardon the pun). Since the summer I have wanted to create a new banner for my blog. Now bear with me, I'm from the generation who did not grow up online, so much of what is second nature to some is totally mystifying to moi! None-the-less, when I finally, yes actually apply myself I can learn a thing or two. So, in the last week or two I have changed my template (I'm not done yet, but have started "shopping" for a new template), joined Quilting Bloggers and Canadian Quilters AND figured out how to add their logo navigation symbols to my blog.  The banner is just a beginning, I hope to create a better "scene" depicting some of my personal treasures, and of course my Idle Hands! Now, if only I can get my updates to My Library Thing to display I'd be a happy camper!
I have been shopping. Supposedly Christmas shopping - Ha! As per usual I have found wonderful things for myself! It started with a quick trip to the local Husky store - just for a look, and ended in me buying a plexiglass table for my husky!  Then there were these luscious books I've collected starting in September at the Sarnia Quit show where Grantham Books was a vendor. Well, how could I resist? The Butterflies book I hope to use when I finally get to finish off my Celtic Garden free style (er - no plan or pattern, maybe that's what's now called liberated quilting?)
This StrataVarious book I picked up on my last quilt run to the States with my quilt friend, which reminds me, I think we're due soon for another cross-border shopping expedition. I've always been fascinated with piecing the background then applying the applique, so think this one may get me started!
Of course that will be on one of those "My Days" when I finally sit down to work on a quilt for myself! Ha! Our guild has not yet set this year's challenge. I don't know about you ladies, but I need a few months fermentation time to get a creative idea and then, since I'm all hand work, I need a few months to get the piece made. So,  maybe this year I'll pass on the guild challenge and make my own .
I saw this Two Block Applique book in Exeter and picked it up from Grantham Books. There's a pattern at the very back in totally - not - my - colours .... but I absolutely love love love it! The blocks move from the outer edge towards the inside from dark to light, and there is a number of lovely wildlife appliques in the center...... hold onto your hats, I may just work on this one before retirement. It's going in my quilting journal as one of my To Dos! Speaking of wildlife the squirrels are super active these days, hiding and burying anything edible they can find. When I first moved here the only wildlife was rabits, but we seem to have developed a colony of squirrels. That's OK with me as it entertains the cats!

This Colour Blend, Opps, make that American spelling, Color Blend book is absolutely gorgeous! I'm hoping to get some time in the next few years to work on more flower pieces. I'm making a lot of assumptions, but have really good intentions of taking a stab at getting then all accomplished! Wish me luck! As you may have surmised I have a penchant for applique - well, for any hand work really. BUT, I have taken the step and signed myself up for a three day machine quilting  workshop in January! Hence the plexiglass table. I decided I better take a concerted stab at machine stuff as my hands are developing arthritis, and now I have something called a Seroma (!?) A six month aftermath from the unhappy discussion with Simone - she who does not like to be touched. So .... after brunch it's back to work where I stupidly left the anti-inflamatory medication my Dr gave me.

P.S. To the person who last sent a comment - I can't read Chinese/Japanese (whichever your comment was written in) My apologies but I am unilingual, English only please.

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