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Monday, November 23, 2009

Water Water everywhere!

Water water everywhere! Those poor people in Cumbria England ...  I can't imagine being flooded out! Oh, lucky me ..... the news images this week bring me to this week's blog entry from my wee corner of the world.  This past summer my local utility decided to greenwash a rather large cash grab and added 2 additional charges.  All told the fees now include a charge for the actual amount of water I use, a charge for the amount flushed, and a charge for the amount sent down the drain. Initially this amounted to a rather large increase in my water bill! (more than double - Ouch!). I say greenwash, because of course if I complain they will have the audacity to tell me that all I have to do is be a better conservor, be greener and use less water!!!
So .... that is exactly what I have been doing!
  • First I turned off the dripping taps, I mean really turned them off. Iris and Simone are not happy as they, like many felines, like running water. Too bad, they now have 3 different water dishes to choose from and I am diligent about keeping them clean and fresh.
  • Secondly, and apologies ahead in case I gross you out, I am now using the rule of three - you know, like at the cottage ... without being toooo graphic, it just isn't necessary to flush every time. (I'm not sure I like this new practice and we'll see how long it lasts)
  • third, I turned off the water to the powder room toilet. There was a slow leak somewhere, I know there was as I did the food colouring test. Where? I don't know, but none-the-less I turned off the water and only turn it on to fill the toilet tank.
  • fourthly, I am now emptying the water collected by the dehumidifier into the powder room toilet tank. This equals to at least one, sometimes two flushes per week.
Ok, I know that doesn't sound like much, but ....I have reduced my water bill by more than the recent increases. WooHoooooooooo!
Irish has finally discovered her bed. When my previous cat (Sada) passed away I thought about tossing the bed as I didn't think another animal would like to use a bed where someone had died. But a nice new fleece liner and pillowcase, combined with a good scrubbing, Fabreezing and months of airing seem to have done the trick! Only problem is now mommy misses her at night, she can produce a nice amount of heat. Now you know why single ladies  have cats! 
My "Christmas" Cactus has decided to flower. I guess I should be thrilled that it hasn't died and in fact is thriving. But really must everything in my life be contrarywise? Can't it pick a holiday and flower? No, wait - it's Thanksgiving in the US - right? So it is a holiday for someone, somewhere! Happy Turkey day to my American cousins.                             

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