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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Porch Light ...

There's no sun out yet today even though it's SUNday ...and I haven't seen any wildlife this past week although the weather has been gorgeous! We really can't complain for mid November and I'm definitely not complaining as I very much hate winter. I said that quietly as I don't want to awaken the Snow goddess just yet. I did manage to get over to the local CT store which was having their Grand Reopening and picked up a new car ice scrapper for $2.39 - Woohoo a Bargoon! Ya know I'm going to need it!

I've been having problems with my porch light. Well, not really problems ... just silliness. The photosensor installed by a previous owner was no longer working (they wear out? I didn't know that!). Anyway, at this time of year I like to turn the outside light on when I leave for work in the morning but not have it "on" until dark when I get home. So ... off to the the trusty CT store to buy a photo thingee and install it only to find that it raised the lightbulb too high and now the lid of the outside lamp covers most of the light bulb and I'm still in the dark!!!! Ok, this shouldn't be too hard to fix ....  Hmmmm. Well, first I try one of those new spiral bulbs - you know, ought to be green about this. Wrong ... even though all the info on the web says they will work with a photosensor thingee ... WRONG. Hmmmmm, ok, lets just try a smaller, but still high wattage ordinary bulb .... Well, they don't sell such a thing anymore ... so I resort to a 60 watt appliance bulb (small and squat) ... but you guessed it, I'm still in the dark! Geeeze you'd think this would have been easy!

I should know that simple tasks are simply NOT EASY! Just last week I was attempting to purchase an open toe embroidery foot for my Kenmore. Now, you would think this would be easy .. just go to Sears (where it was purchased) and order one. NOOOOOOOOOOO! You have to call some 1-800-Home #. 40 minutes later and they ask me if  I want a trolley? NOOOOOOO. Then I was transferred to the catalogue department who spent another 40 minutes and couldn't find it .... and I had a picture, model and part number from THEIR WEBSITE!!!!! Long story made short I dropped into the store after work one night and get a pair of snippy clerks who offer no solution.  THANK YOU SEARS! So I drop into our local favourite repair guy who sells me a slightly used foot for $10. Woohoo problem solved and a bargain to boot!
So what else have I been up to you ask? Left is the Meals on Wheels placemat for guild next month. I inherited some paper pieced log cabin blocks from somewhere and am glad for the opportunity to used them. I also used up some of the left overs from father's lap quilt. So that was good.
I also got the oven mitts made to go with the casserole covers. The half circles are the cutouts from the casserole covers, and I had leftover bias binding,  so another big woohoo!

So that's been my week so far....


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Lynda said...

I enjoyed reading your blog...what a great sense of humor you have. I really enjoyed viewing your quilts. My favorites were the 3 pigs and that Santa hat cats.