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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Good Morning Foxy!

So I'm getting in my car Friday morning preparing to go off to work and end the week when I look up and to my astonishment a red fox goes running past the front of my car. WOW! I live about a block from "Fox Hollow" but thought that was just an ol' timey name and there were no more animals around. Not so! Sure made my week!
 So, yesterday father and I hung my mini quilt show at the Library. I have three large and 4 small pieces "showing" from November to mid December. I thought it was maybe a good idea as this would give me dry run experience at  hanging a small scale show in practice for the upcoming 2011 CQA show. Well, I used an image program I have on my PC at work to quickly mock up 2 layout drawings. Boy did I learn a lot!
  • your graphic is representational, NOT scaled to size

  • provide additional explanatory messages on the mockup

  • be very very carefully with your measurements
  • doesn't matter anyway as the final visual is what counts! ;)
    Another thing I learned instantly, is that there will always be a critic no matter what or how you plan ....
    I've been fighting off a cold/flu (who knows the difference) but still need to keep trucking. Today's schedule includes grocery shopping, turning back all the clocks/watches, making 2 pot holders to go along with the casserole covers, sandwiching the Cardinal placemat and making the binding for the quilt I just finished quilting. Phew! Oh and going into work to insert the last board for one of the wall hangings on display (I measured wrong ....), and taking the display pics for my personal records. PHEW!


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