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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back to School

So, they're  back!!! and in a way so am I. I work at a University campus and the kiddies are back! This year more than ever I'm very aware of the kiddies - (OK now be honest, how many of you have to deal with 5-7000 17 year olds???) as they built a new student services building right next to the library! All the registrar lineups are just outside our windows - Oh, yeah!
Also, a wee blog hiatus while I vainly attempted to figure out how to change the appearance of my blog - as yet to no avail,  but I haven't given up.... No, instead I decided to bite the bullet and get my own hardware, so I can blog anywhere, anytime, 24/7 - OH NO - LOOK OUT! Of course, it is taking a wee bit of time to gather all the pertinent info and make a wise, or not so wise, consumer decision. So in a fashion I too have gone back to school as I must now learn the ins and outs of an online life at home! Stay tuned for more fun and excitement.

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