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Friday, September 25, 2009

Hurrah for Techs, and Pumpkin Cake !

Woohoo ... I 'm up and running. As suspected the service rep who unceremoniously flicked me off with the pat answer "It's your modem" was totally WRONG - nya na nya na nana :)
The tech guy took approx. one second to confirm all my non tech suspicions, and then did a very thorough job and fixed my internet/wireless, and cable TV problems, while yaking my head off and generally entertaining me and making me feel much much better about the world. So, the R internet/cable company is back in my good books, thanks to a tech guy who cares and likes his job!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
My  other woohoo for this week is the pumpkin spice cake I made for the "ladies" this week. Ok, I'll admit the first one was a wee bit of a disaster ... what did I learn from that? To always wear my reading glasses when baking ... cup - can look the same - they are both 3 letters and start with a C - but make a world of difference in a recipe  So ... cake number two was made and turned out fine, delicious actually, so in the end I was happy!


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