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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not Impressed!

Warning - this post is full of SARCASM  and  WHINING..
So I realllly am trying to become a part of the online world, and it reallllly should not be this difficult. Honest, I am a reasonably intelligent person, I have 2 university degrees, am somewhat educated and I have worked online for 15 years now, so  I am somewhat online literate.
So last night, being the lovely early fall evening that it was I grabbed my laptop and popped out to the patio to enjoy the weather while sending a few emails. That was the start of my wireless/internet problems ....
It took several tries and multiple running in and out of the house to finally get the thing to connect to my network - what the heck .... isn't the point of going wireless ? so that you can do this anywhere ??? After dinner I resumed my computer travails ... downloading pics from the digitial camera, emailing the pics to friends and family, but when I tried to connect to my bank for some online  financials that's when the whole thing blew up!
Not literally, but my internet connection died, and when I tried to revive the SOB, by following the checklist in the guide provided by my internet provider (R)  ..... well that's when the real fun began and I also lost my wireless network!
Anyway, still fuming I spend the next 2 hours playing some stupid computer games and wondering WHY this is so important? Only a short week ago I wasn't online (at home) didn't have all this equipment and didn't care! ...  see how quickly I've become a slave to the online world! This could be a bumpy ride!
Just in case you think all I've done in the last week or so is play on my new laptop .... oh no ............ I finally sewed all the rectangles together and got the "piano key" borders onto a quiltop I made oh, about 2 years ago! So, I have been somewhat productive and, shush - don't tell, maybe just maybe will get this one done for Xmas as a present!

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Anonymous said...

Fear not! I think that EVERYONE has had a similar experience, even though some companies are worse than others. I know I've been through this as well. Hopefully everything get's up and running soon - and ask for a rebate for the inconvenience, you never know.