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Monday, September 05, 2016

Summer's Over - Wahhhh!

Well, the summer is over. Guess 2016 is the summer that wasn't, at least for me. This last month has
been a terrific blurr, but it's all over 'cept for the crying. Mother's apt. is emptied and her possessions are dispersed amongst family, friends and charities. Well, almost. I inherited my great aunt's Limoges china, service for 12 + all kinds of extra pieces including egg cups, except for a Teapot :(.

We tried to sell our Grandmother B's china, also a set for 12,  to one of my quilting friends who is interested in china and vintage stuff, but no luck :( So next step is to see if one of the relatives is interested. It's just too nice to dump off at the Goodwill....

Along with the china I also inherited two lovely end tables with marquetry tops. They fit perfectly in my small living room and are lovely real wood. I was with mother on one of our "antiquing" trips when she purchased them , one of my
fonder memories of our time together.

 I also inherited a lovely maple parlor table, another acquisition from one of our antiquing trips :)  The Royal Dolton (Autumn Breeze) and the Cranberry glass basket also come from mother.

The crystal and pewter lamp mother purchased online a few years back. It was made in Poland and is excellent quality. We were all shocked when mother purchased it online ! Who knew she was that tech savvy :) ! It's a tri-light and adds to the ambience of my room wonderfully.

This long weekend has been a Downton Abbey marathon on PBS, so I spent the weekend watching, and in between episodes got some much needed cleaning done. I also spent some time in my sewing room - FINALLY, and got the cutting done for the Fancy Foxes baby quilt. November isn't that far away!! I'm hoping to actually get one block done today.

My quilt guild does a lovely thing, they make Friendship Star quilts and give them to members who have/are experiencing trauma/loss in their family. So, over the weekend I was the recipient of a lovely grey, yellow and white friendship star quilt which I have shared with my sister & family (sorry I forgot to take a pic!) Thank you LFQG!


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