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Sunday, September 11, 2016

They're Back!

Yup ! They're back - University students that is. City traffic has increased by a good 40-50% and is ridiculously stupid and dangerous again. It's the season for driving defensively as those SYM (stupid young men - actually the acronym should apply to all students regardless of gender) are out and about :(.One good thing is I can officially count this as my LAST SCHOOL SEPTEMBER EVER ! Woohoo!!!  I handed in my official intent to retire letter on the first day of classes, and actually felt a wee bit of regret. Didn't last long and disappeared immediately as soon as I got the first "where are the printers?" question. 9 possibly 10 weeks to go (not that I'm counting) Yippeee!
The heat/humidity has finally dissipated and today is a wonderfully comfortable sunny Sunday. My Hibiscus is still flowering and was visited by a Humming bird yesterday - nice! My Lavender is also flowering and giving me a better showing than last year's batch. Not bad for a garden that was badly neglected most of the summer.
Still getting used to having my weekends free again. Well sort of ....  I started the evening with grocery shopping and found myself picking up items for mother. When I realised what I had done I had a sad moment in the grocery aisle then put it all back. Now I'm doing a weekly Friday night date with the Pater. This week we went for pizza, a good way to start the academic year. Dad was impressed and always appreciates the company.  Later I ran off to hospital for another CT scan this time @ 10:00 pm! So Friday was a bust, but Sat I managed to get into the sewing room - yeah! I actually accomplished some Fancy Foxes blocks. I think this baby quilt will be lots of fun.

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