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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sad News

Mother passed away unexpectedly July 23rd. As was our usual date I went over to pick her up for her hair appointment/brunch/grocery shopping/Saturday visit but sadly, found her on the floor, she was gone. My sister was the last to see her Thursday night. Friday we were all in Sarnia for a family funeral (father's brother), and didn't check in with her as I would be there Sat morning.
The past two weeks have been a total blur - making all the arrangements, contacting people, starting the process of winding things up. Mother had a good life. I learned how to make a slide show of pics of her life, and wrote her eulogy at 2 am. I was pleased at the service as it paid an appropriate tribute to a courageous and adventurous woman. Father was involved in most things, so one positive, our family has gotten closer.
Mother and I were close. When I became single again mother signed us up for art history lectures at the local art gallery. When she became single again we got season tickets to the local theatre, giving ourselves a regular Friday night dinner & theatre date. Over the years we went to antique shows, movies and quilt shows together. She was always my "date" (and I hers) for New Years Eve and family functions. She will be dearly missed.
July 23 was the first day of my summer vacation. I am so exhausted from sorting and packing and racing around arranging things. I had to cancel my turn at hosting our Sew What's group - just can't manage it this year, sorry ladies. I hope to get an additional week (or two) off from work so my sister and I can get everything done by Aug 31 and I can have some recovery time. We'll see.
My vacation plans had included making the Fancy Foxes baby quilt. One good thing is the owner of Kalidoscope of Quilts did replace the 3 meters of backing fabric which had the factory seam. I am very grateful to her and will send along a Thank You note shortly. When I did get a chance to sit down I did some stitching on the Wild Flowers hanging, and hope to get to the baby quilt soon.

It's been hot and super humid this past 2 weeks, so I've had little patio time :( - TG for AC! My b-i-l (thanks goodness for him!) came over and put an additional shelf in the bureau I have in my living room. This was needed to house the 235 pieces of Bridal Wreath Limoges! Mother inherited this china, place setting for 12, from her Aunt Dell, and added pieces along the way found at various antique shows we attended together. Now I've inherited these beauties. Don't know if I'll ever use them - maybe for the Sew What's ladies! when I do use them I'll think of her and all the fun times we had together.

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