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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Say it isn't so !!

Woke up this am to snow !! Oh No!! Say it isn't so ! I hate snow :(. The leaves on my Maple haven't even started to fall yet! Not to fear, the sun has come out and the snow is melting away quickly. Phew!
Finally received my framed Thai temple rubbing . He did an ok job, not complaining there, but somehow it's blah. It seems to be lacking something, don't know what. When you're choosing the frame and matting it all looks good, but somehow this one just doesn't sing. Had this one in the closet for almost 40 years, so this is somewhat disappointing :(. Ah well, maybe I'll get used to it.
No POTC blocks to show you this week. Somehow I got my hand quilting mojo back - maybe it was the great speaker we had at guild last week. Anyway, I actually started quilting the Wild Flowers wall hanging which has been on the frame since late August! Feeling good so far, just doing outline quilting, will have to decide what to do - quiltwise - after the outlining is all done. Any suggestions?

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