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Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh joy oh bliss - it's Thanksgiving - a four day vacation from work (yeah) and a chance to gather with the family :). Started the weekend Friday by buying the pumpkin pies and visiting the pater, then spent the afternoon in the sewing room prepping 4 more POTC blocks. Should have been cleaning the house but my back is still not 100%. Had much more fun in the sewing room. Saturday was our usual with the mater, we both got haircuts. I took my camera back to her place and got pics of her "collector plates". Hoping to learn how to put these up on Kijiji sometime next week. Sunday was driving around town picking up everyone then off to my sister's for turkey dinner - yummmmmm. Today is another lovely Fall day so I hope to finish off the garden work. Pheww! I'll be glad to get back to work!
Here's my progress on my Lucy Boston POTC blocks ...
 POTC block from 2 weeks ago. When I'm browsing the internet I like to see the fabric of origin along with the block itself, so here's a pic with it's fabric.
This one has a slightly different setting than the others. It was hard to find matching/complimentary fabrics, hence the setting. I rather like it!
This was last week's block - maybe my favourite so far !!

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