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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Too good to last ...

Last week the weather was glorious, double digits - no coats, people were actually wearing shorts and sandals! My Japanese Maple , as you can see, was glorious. I had a tremendously busy week - working the weekend and trying to squeeze in my "regular" chores as well.
This week, the November winds have come. The temp has dropped and so have the leaves. That's Simone walking away in disgust - or is that confusion? Maybe she understands fallen leaves mean winter is coming! Bah humbug!!
Ah well, the fabulous weather was too good to last.
Also too good to last was my arrangement with a local "teenager" to help me out and take my garbage up to the curb. It was lovely for a month and a half, but he's moved on now, so it's back to me slugging it up there :(.
I don't have much show-n-tell this week as I've been busy catching up wth housework, chores and hand quilting the Wild Flowers. But I have started a new project! Shhhhhh it's supposed to be a secret.
 It will be a Hanukkah wall hanging for a friend/former work colleague. Somehow we got talking about Hanukkah on FB and it inspired me to dig out those patterns I've tucked away for "someday". Well, someday has arrived! It was supposed to be paper pieced but in my infinite wisdom (folly?) I decided to hand applique the candles/candlesticks.  I see some of the candles/candlesticks are wonky, oh well, done now, and all from my stash!! There will be a small inner border (of unknown colour & fabric at this time) and an outer border of dark blue with Stars of David, and a mid blue with dreidels for the backing. I'm thinking I'll machine quilt this one just to get it done. I also have Christmas placemats yet to make for the guild - one of our community activities as we donate them to Meals on Wheels. Oh, and of course there's work, parents and a social life to try and fit in somewhere somehow....

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