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Sunday, August 30, 2015

End of Summer & POTC Fun !

Thought I should show you the fabric along with the finished POTC block. I know when I've been browsing the web it has really help my creativity to see the whole fabric as well as the POTC block - it helps to see what was fussy cut! The one above is actually Christmas fabric, and I have fussy cut another block only using the red sections - so stay tuned!
Here is this week's block, only half sewn. Once I complete it I will also show the original fabric. And here is my progress so far ...
Gawd! I am soooooo addicted  it's a wonder I can find time for anything else!
 Speaking of anything else .... it's the last weekend of summer :(. I have a longish weekend coming up next weekend and hope to finally get started on quilting the Wild Flowers wall hanging. I MUST BE DISCIPLINED and NOT work on POTC all the time! Ha!
I also started a new book (haven't finished the last one yet - so what's new ..) Stalin's Daughter by Rosemary Sullivan. I was hooked right away just with the Prologue! Maybe I'll squeeze in some reading time next weekend, after taking the mater shopping. Oh - there's the buzzer, my Oatmeal Walnut cookies are done - oh yummmmm!

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