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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wahhhh, Vacation is over :(H

 Wahhhhhh! How come you wait and wait and wait all winter long, then summer vacation is over in the blink of an eye? Yes dear readers, my summer vacation is over and once again it's back to work :( :(.
I had a HUGE  to do list, and this year I actually finished 99% of it - Whoopeee! I got the 2 McKenna Ryan cat wall hangings done, tops only- quilting yet to come.  I'm so pleased as these were on my UFO list for way too long! Hopefully I can get the quilting done this winter .... My quilting friends and I did our annual road trip (see last post).  I made it to the family picnic Pic below (L-R) Aunt Carol, the pater, second cousin Lynne, Aunt Catherine. It was a gorgeous day - lost of sunshine and just enough of a breeze. The picnic is now held in the Sarnia Yacht club so we get to see the water and lots of boats!
I got all my summer cleaning done, several trips to the Goodwill, and entertained twice!! My sister, the mater, niece and great niece came for lunch. Claire even sat in my high chair, a lucky $15 purchase @ Value Village, which usually just holds plants. I also had the Sew What's ladies in for an evening of fun. Last year I forgot to put out the deviled eggs, this year I forgot to put out the whipped cream! The flowers on the table are from my niece from our lunch the day before! Cake #3 (cake #1 was @ the beginning of vacation for nephew's Bday, cake #2 was a disaster, I forgot to put in the eggs - duh) was a yummy carrot cake, my first ever!
One of my quilting friends (can I call her a quilting friend when she doesn't quilt? but I usually see her @ the Sew what's, so I guess she a quilting friend), brought me this lovely tea pot. I use a teapot every day, and recently broke mine :(. She'd heard of my travails and gifted me this one Thank you Lu it's perfect !! I was entertained twice, take out for dinner by the pater and his partner, then out for lunch by the sister and B-I-L. Not bad!!
And finally, yes finally I got my sewing mojo into gear and made 1 1/2 Lucy Boston blocks!! The top one is done, the one laying down is half completed! I'm in love and totally hooked! Uh Oh - may not get those other UFOs and the one on the frame done for a while yet;)

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Great to see you at the family picnic, 'Sada".
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