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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Yeah Spring !

This is what I woke up to last Sunday and they are still in full bloom! Thankfully the wee bits of snow have disappeared, although we did get one last (least we hope it was the last) snowfall this week. Although my backyard faces east and gets full sunlight all morning, for some reason my back garden is slow to bloom. This spring that is a lucky situation as my Daffodils were barely in bud and not affected by the late snowfall. Got my finger's crossed for the Daffs and the Irises later in the Spring.
Wasn't feeling the very best in the early part of the week, both cats had gastro-intestinal issues and so did mommy :(. None-the-less I rallied by mid week and enjoyed my evening out with the Sew What's ladies. I also got a start on another door hanging, or maybe I'll keep this one for my bulletin board at work.
Spring flowers with mini Dresden plates, yellow yoyos and green rickrack. The outer border, found in my stash, is the leftover from a baby Kaleidoscope quilt I did maybe 10 years ago. Just goes to show you it's worth saving all your scraps!!
  Have a great sunny week everyone,

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