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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter !

Last week my "theme" was ENOUGH. Well, I've had enough of this white stuff! I mean come on .... it's Easter! But no, that wasn't enough, this past week was a lesson on what is enough ...
The president of the university (image from Facebook friend) where  I have laboured for the past 36+ years experienced a lesson in how much is enough. For those  readers not tuned in -  the province where I live has legislated the publication of a "Sunshine List" = a list of every one in the public sector who earns more than $100,000.00 ! Well, it was revealed that our fearless leader not only earned over $400,000.00 but double dipped last year by NOT taking his paid sabbatical while still earning his salary at the same time, which then equalled close to $1 million in salary last year! The uproar was something to behold, and it was quickly obvious that everyone has had ENOUGH of corporate GREED!  It was all over social media, traditional media and even in the Provincial legislature. The faculty association held a non-confidence vote or 94%! and my own union is holding a non-confidence vote this week coming. In an attempt to mollify the masses and employees @ the university, who by the way average $43,000.00 per annum in earnings, an email and campus news story was sent out. The president offered to return the salary for his sabbatical and to NOT claim this same amount at the end of his second contract. The Board of Govenors, who negotiated his very favourable contract, also had a press release!  We'll see if their spin does anything. It certainly was an interesting lesson in enough is enough!
So, along with all those lovely fabrics I purchased on our road trip I also purchased some lovely sewing charms. I already had the pin so now it was time to add the charms and pin it to my sewing bag! (pssst that's a quilt block on the left end). Nice eh ?
I also found this fabulous selvedge fabric. Not sure what I plan to make with it, but I couldn't resist :)
On the right is some fabric I purchased a while back to make myself a new wallet. I got the pattern, Have it All Wallet,  at another of my favourite quilt stores (I have a few) the Marsh Store .

So on the left is the finished/not finished wallet. I decided to add a flower to the front and a wrist strap. On the right is an inside view. The black  /3 is a card holder area. Well, after it was all done I wasn't overly happy with the results. So I spent the next day unsewing .... Now that I understand the pattern (not enough pictures, not enough description for me) I now know exactly how/what I want to change to make this wallet suit me !
What else have I been up to? Well, it's Easter and the family is gathering, so I made a Lemon cake. Hope they like my Easter egg decorations :)
What an interesting week! TTFN

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