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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let the Sun shine in :)

It"s Sunday and the sun is shining and I'm in my kitchen soaking it up. YEAH. And it's a good thing because I managed (silly me) to break my car's rear wiper. Well, not the wiper actually, I was attempting to replace the blade. As I was telling myself "this shouldn't be this hard to do" the plastic thingee which holds the two pieces together snapped!! DARN IT - now my "save yourself some $" project is going to cost me who knows how much to replace the silly plastic thingee :( In case you're wondering, the yellow j-cloth is tied on to the amputee as a visual reminder to me to NOT use the rear wiper. Appointment at the car shop on Wednesday morn...
The cats and I are going crazy. We all want the snow to just disappear and warm weather come and stay. The snow is slowly melting, I can actually see an inch or two of the patio ! We actually had a couple of days above zero last week, which didn't help me much as I napped through most of it. Consequently I am making very slow progress on Felines and Fluttterbies. The cold weather is back today, but at least it brought the sun.... 
I must be going winter mad .... I find I'm watching the same TV shows over and over and over again! Last week it was Sherlock, with Benedict Cumberbatch, same episode for the 3rd time, and Vikings , with Ragnar Lodrok - double episodes, also for the 3rd time!!! What's a girl to do ? Can't get enough of these two guys .... Anyway, off to bake a cake for my niece as we are gathering for her birthday and a 4 generation pic.


regan said...

Sorry about your car-oops.....hope it's not too pricey. And I've never heard of either of those guys....I'm gonna go google them right now! lol

Idle hands, empty brain ... said...

Hi Regan,

Benedict Cumberbatch is real hot right now. He's in the BBC Sherlock series, and has been in a several recent movies, 12 Years a Slave, Star Trek, etc. The BBC Sherlock series is really quite good - a modern take off on the Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes books.
Travis Fimmel is also real hot right now, he plays Ragnar Lodbrok in the TV series Vikings. Apparently he's Australian, started out as a model.

Both are nice eye candy ;)