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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hello Claire :)

Well, I finally made it down to my niece's place to meet wee Claire. :) :). She is such a sweet little one, and she was awake for our entire visit, well, sort of. Great Aunt Sada got to hold her while her mommy and daddy opened her presents. They were very pleased with the Owl quilt, the diaper bag, Teddy Bear, receiving blankets, bibs, carrier cover and onesie. I took down great grandma's gifts as well as she wasn't feeling well that day. The lovely white gold birthstone necklace from great grandma was a hit as was the purple Owl piggy bank! Claire's daddy was especially pleased with the vintage child's rocker and liked the fact that it was originally bought for Great Grandma. So, not only is it an antique but also a family heirloom. Sorry no pic - I forgot as I had my arms full :)
This past week was a bit of a bust for me as I was exhausted for most of the week - we got another, yes another snow storm on Wednesday followed by another extreme cold snap. ENOUGH ALREADY!  When not at work I spent the rest of the week snoozing/vegging out in my chair listening to the TV, but did accomplish this much on my Felines and Flutterbies. Just 4 more blocks to go!
Found this lovely little poem in my travels recently in Blogland:
I've embroidered a frock,
   And I've sewn the long seams,
While I stitched up a heartache
   And mended my dreams.

I've patched a torn garment,
   And darned a big rent
While I've worked in new hopes
   And a sweeter content.

Why stitching brings gladness,
   Or ease for Life's pain,
And healing from sadness,
   I cannot explain.

But for little hopes baffled,
   And foolish tears shed,
I have sought and found comfort
   With needle and thread.
from The Book of Good Needlework no.4  ( 1930's)


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regan said...

Sweet little baby.....angel face! And what a nice poem! Thanks for sharing!